The Mother of the Bird Men

escape gamesAfter the success of the rebellion, the Bird Man was chased away, but something happened afterwards. Something big, something we couldn't have forseen. It turned out that there wasn't only one Bird Man. There is a whole race of them. These Bird Men got furious after they dethronement of their kin and invaded our lands. We have to get rid of this problem at its roots. We need to find their nest and destroy it. I know it's going to be dangerous and hard, but this is the only way.


Escape GameHelp Maryse find a way out of her haunted home. There're two endings depending on one's act.

Coin Collector

Hidden Objets GameMr. Larry is one of those who are passionate admirers of old antiquarian items, but his greatest passion are those rare coins that come from different ages and different parts of the world. In his collection of old coins there are five coins missing and at the moment those coins are at the world market for coins. Mr. Larry is determined to collect money at all costs and buy those precious coins so he decides to sell few of his valuable antiques and use the money for buying those coins. Let's help Mr. Larry buy the wanted coins and fulfill his great wish.

Amulet of Ancients

Hidden Objets GameThe tribe Pahoja had their own amulet but somehow they managed to lose this precious item so at the moment there is a threat of extinction of the tribe by some incurable disease. That is quite scary and dangerous so the village fortune teller gives an order the best soldiers from the tribe to start looking for the amulet. The fortune teller is quite convinced that if they find the amulet faster, the tribe would be saved and the thread of the incurable disease will be over.

Secret of the Pharaoh

Hidden Objets GamesRamsses was appointed Prince Regent by his father Seti I when he was fourteen years old and he is believed to have taken the throne in his late teens and is identified to have ruled Egypt from 1279 BC to 1213 BC. The early part of his time in power was directed on building cities, temples and monuments and he set up the city of Pi-Ramesses in the Nile Delta as his new capital and main base for his campaigns in Syria. But at the moment this great pharaoh is severely ill but no one needs to know that because his opponents would like to take an advantage from his sickness. Ramsses's wife is the only person that is familiar what is going on, so she has to keep the secret and take all the responsibilities around the empire, at the same time finding a cure for her husband's condition.

Sacred Elements Water

Hidden Objets GameOne big company wants to build a huge hydropower station near where tribe Caddo lives. That would mean a huge natural catastrophe, natural balance will be destroyed. Irina is seriously concerned about what is happening here and she realizes that there are few steps that need to be taken in order to prevent things going further but since it is about a quite serious thing, she would need some help in order to save the nature and her tribe.
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